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PayPalSamrt Connect

This is a useless piece of paper that appears to be a joke when talking to associates working for Pay Pal. I had applied for a Pay Pal Mastercard. I was lead to be believe that I had qualified. I … Continue reading


Info comprimized.

Pay pal called my old phone number on a Sunday morning(is this not against the law, on sunday’s) Anyway they did, told my soon to be ex all he needed to know about my account. I do not have him … Continue reading


Smart Connect is Fraudulent

I am very, very angry. Over a year ago I twice used paypal online and it took my money, but did not pay the stores, and then refused to return my money for some months!! So a few months ago … Continue reading


Paypal smart connect is a fraud,

I never signed up for this smart connect option. They claim i used it on a purchase and never did. I was able to figure out what I did buy and was willing to pay for this and then close … Continue reading


cat (unauthorized)

These people billed me twice and said I had charged 2 items. The vendor, Sears, refuted the second charge, saying I only ordered one item. Paypal continued to insist there were 2 transactions. The clerks were didactic and authoritarian. They … Continue reading


PayPal Smart Connect “no interest” promotion

In Nov of 2010, I received an offer from PayPal Smart Connect for free financing for six months. This promotion was supposed to cover any purchases made during the month of Dec. 2010. I ran up a bill of about … Continue reading


PayPal Smart Connect Fraud

I was granted a smart connect card I was told in an email to go use it, but when I checked my account there was no listing of it! Then to top it off a Pay Pal rep told me to … Continue reading


No Buyer Protection With Smart Connect

I purchased some items from a seller and paid via PayPal Smart Connect. The items I purchased never arrived. After numerous complaints that I initiated, some of the items arrived. The invoice in the box was incorrect, including the shipping … Continue reading

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Paypal Smart Connect Fees and Interest

I had signed up for a PayPal Smart Connect Card and made a couple of purchases all under $20. Since I had recently quit my job, I had no way to pay for the fees or interest. Next thing I know, PayPal calls me … Continue reading