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: Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 13:47

PayPal Smart Connect Ripoff

Several years ago I got a credit card through PayPal. Paid it off years ago and never used it, but did not close the account. Every time I make a purchase, Pay Pal tries to lure me into using the credit card instead of using my linked Bank Account. Last month, I must have been less vigilant and erroneously used the card for a $24.00 purchase without knowing I did so since I never got a statement from them – until I got a call from GE Money, the bill collector attempting to gouge me for double the charge in interest, late fees, etc., etc. I paid their pound of flesh and immediately closed the account. Be wary about this ripoff!!!

Submitted By:: Rosanna Fox

Location-: Nashua, NH

One thought on “PayPal Smart Connect Ripoff
  1. andre williams on

    Claim I owe $ 20.34. Show no merchendise bought.
    Have had wonderfull experiances for 10 yrs w/pp.
    Just want to understand this and pay.

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