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: Monday, August 8, 2011, 18:53

PayPal Smart Connect “no interest” promotion

In Nov of 2010, I received an offer from PayPal Smart Connect for free financing for six months. This promotion was supposed to cover any purchases made during the month of Dec. 2010. I ran up a bill of about $1500, and began paying my balance in Jan 2011 at a rate of $250 per month, in order to pay the total in six months.

On my Feb 2011 statement, I saw that I was being charged interest on my purchases even though the promotion offered interest free purchases. I contacted PayPal Smart Connect, who claimed they would have to research the promotion.  I also began researching it myself, and located the email which I had received about the interest-free promotion.

They sent a lengthy form on which they asked for the facts of the case. Regardless, they continued to charge interest on this account, and I continued to pay these charges along with my principal balance. Tonight, I called and spoke to a Smart Connect representative and asked that my account be cancelled (now that the balance was zero). The rep told me that he would look into refunding the interest which was charged. I chose to cancel rather than deal with the deception of PayPal Smart Connect. Effective immediately, no more PPSM. I work hard for my money, and I resent being tricked into giving it up. Thank you!

Submitted By:: Ron Cook

Location: Greenville, SC, USA

One thought on “PayPal Smart Connect “no interest” promotion
  1. stu on

    hi, im in uk, paypal limited my account saying simularities. probably because my 2 daughters also have paypal accounts at same address. I reported them to FSA. they agreed to reinstate if i provide a photo id & credit card statement which i did but why couldnt they have asked for these in first place…if you got a complaint with paypal in uk, report it online to FSA…kick these clowns into touch

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