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admin : Friday, April 15, 2016, 14:22

Paypal site is not safe and often compromised.

Unauthorized payments were made using my paypal account. Paypal refused to acknowledged their site had been compromised. Naturally I deleted my paypal account and told my wide circle of family, friends and colleagues to do the same.

I will never pay for anything again using paypal. The people who run it are not to be trusted.

Do not give you bank account or credit card details to paypal as their site is not safe.

One thought on “Paypal site is not safe and often compromised.
  1. geoffrey evans on

    I have received 2 email in the last week saying I had purchased 2 different items , One from Vodafone Aust for $49.95 and one from Crazy Apple store for $155.95 neither one was purchased by us. One was supposed to be made on 21/07/16 when on was on a flight from LA to brisbane and the other one was supposed to be made today when i was not even home. I dont know if these emails were made as a way to obtain my banking details but i want Paypay to clear this up for me.

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