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: Wednesday, April 25, 2012, 18:14

Paypal sides with buyer

I sold this magic the gathering from the vault exiled to this buyer in Washington State. He claims that when he received the item the box was empty. I have receipts showing the weight of the box. The box was not empty. He must be a serial scammer because he filed a Significantly not described rather than item not received. He claimed missing quantity to paypal but to me an empty box. Once I get that box going down to the police station with the unopened box and filing mail fraud to this scammer.

Paypal rules that he gets a refund when he sends it back. I am going to take them to court because they clearly are just going to rule in the buyers favor.

Submitted By:: Jeff

Location-: New Jersey

One thought on “Paypal sides with buyer
  1. Steve - Colorado on

    I hate to hear that you’ve been scammed. The sad truth is that scammers rule in Paypal because they know the crappy system works in their favor. Its too easy for an honest person to get taken advantage of and then its a long, drawn out, painstaking process to try to remedy any wrong doing because the Paypal customer service sucks!

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