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: Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 13:18

Paypal shut me down and tried to keep my money

I sold electronics on ebay for years. But as soon as I hit $20k per month in sales the problems began with paypal. Where are getting your goods? Prove they aren’t stolen. Give us all your personal and business information and secrets to running your business. Account suspended – I provide the information – account reactivated. A few months later same thing. Then 6 months later paypal closes my account with thousands in hand and sends me the 180 day message. To which I responded you show me where there is violation. Again the same as everyone else, the decision is final and there is no reason. So, off to my attorney who promptly calls them to go through one layer of nobody knows anything after another. Finally after working his way through their system ,over several days, he recovered my money. However, the account is still closed and I am blacklisted. Therefore, no more ebay/paypal for me and no more fees for either of them. I continue to sell on several other sites to this day.

Submitted By:: DeJermaine

Location-: Ocala


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