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: Monday, August 19, 2013, 14:17

PayPal should come with a warning sign

Shit happens with Pay Pal, because everybody trusts them.
1. Never use your email for Pay Pal and Ebay, use their website-contact.
2. Perhaps there should be more precautions and security measurements for users of Pay Pal.
3. And another thing is that Pay Pal has to stand behind it’s users at all times by starting a campaign that warns them that there are a lot of crooks trying to con buyers and sellers. Some kind of a warning like cigarette companies have to put on their labels to warn users for the dangers.
4. Bring this growing problem with Pay Pal to the attention of the commission for economic and monetary business of for example the Europe E.U. in Brussels.

Submitted By:: Hans

Location-: Netherlands


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