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: Tuesday, December 6, 2011, 13:32

Paypal Shipping Demands

I just got off the phone with Paypal. I sold an item on Ebay and the buyer has paid, but Paypal will not release the money for 21 days. First they told me that I had to have a tracking number before they would release the money. I told them that mailing something through the post office by regular mail, you will not have a tracking number. They told me that I needed to start shipping items through UPS or FEDEX so that I could have a tracking number. WHAT??? Why would I want to pay (or the buyer pay) the extra money to ship something that weighs less than a pound? Just for a freaking tracking number. Then they tell me that my account is on hold because I was a new customer on Ebay. I told them that I had been a customer for 7 years. So he looks it up and says yes, that is correct. Then he tells me that my account is on hold because the buyers haven’t left any feedback on my account. I told him that I would NOT be using Paypal anymore. Once I receive my money, I would be closing my account.

Submitted By:: JC

Location-: Woodstock


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