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admin : Tuesday, March 25, 2014, 14:14

PayPal got the seller by the balls

On Jan. 24, 2014, I sold a Digital Recorder for $269 through ebay to a customer in Poland. The paypal transaction is: Transaction #0K092776X82xxxxxx. I shipped the item the next day (1/25/14) by USPS Priority mail to the address I found in paypal:
Kxxxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx 6A
25322 Kielce

Following is the tracking for the item from USPS:
March 11, 2014 , 7:03 pm
March 11, 2014 , 7:02 pm

Arrival at Post Office
March 11, 2014 , 4:22 pm

Addressee not available – Addressee advised to pick up the item


March 11, 2014 , 7:40 am

Arrival at Post Office


The customer opened a dispute in Feb. 2014 through paypal saying that he did not receive the item. I provided all the details with USPS tracking. To my complete surprise, I received an email from paypal today morning saying that the case has been closed in favor of the customer. They deducted $269 plus the shipping charges paid by the customer from my paypal account.

I am furious. The USPS tracking clearly shows that the item was delivered on 3/11/14. Paypal would not give me any reason why they favored my customer. I am small business man and this is a huge loss for me. I make about $5 to $10 profit when I sell an item through ebay. Now, I need to sell 20 to 50 items to make up for this loss! I feel helpless!!!


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