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: Monday, April 23, 2012, 22:25

PayPal security sucks

In the last few months PayPal has allowed someone in Indonesia to empty my bank account tied to my PayPal account. I got the money back a few days later, but not soon enough to avoid bounced checks due to the missing funds.

Today my PayPal account was shut down because someone from the Sudan accessed my account and tried to take more money (they didnt get any because I wised up and deleted my abnk info from PayPal since they were unable to protect that information).

Now PayPal wants me to send copies of my passport, drivers license, and utility bills to prove that I am who I say I am and presumbly not the person from the Sudan.

PayPal cant protect my bank account information. And now they want copies of all of my identification. I am supposed to trust that they can protect that when they cant protect my money?

Ive never had a single problem with my bank or any credit card I;ve ever had over the course of 15 years. Yet I’ve had 2 major security breaches with PayPal in under 3 months.

I think PayPal isn’t up to the task of protecting its customers.

Submitted By:: josh

Location-: chicago

3 thoughts on “PayPal security sucks
  1. Jim on

    SCARY! I have a paypal account as well but the more I look around, the more nervous I get. I have been lucky so far but when will my luck run out and when it does will it be another story like yours?! I’m thinking paypal is just getting too big and they aren’t protecting the millions that entrust them with their very personal information. Scary shit.

  2. Lucky One on

    Oh wow, luck was not on your side. So you have been robbed, shut down and nobody to turn to for help in solving this issue. That sucks. I don’t know that I would give PP any more personal information, Lord only knows how that might get “lost” in their system…red flags! Good luck trying to clean up the mess they created for you.

  3. Lissy on

    Geez, twice a month! This is really bad. I can’t believe the world is capable of this.
    My brother’s bank account got emptied on the same way. He got his money back after long hours of conversations and approvals from his bank and stuff. Then we started using alternative payment methods online. Prepaid cards, vouchers like Paysafecard, different game cards or gift cards. Because noone’s interested in stealing those 10 or 20 Euros. Too much effort. And even if they do, they won’t be able to get anything else from us.

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