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: Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 9:51

Paypal security is a joke

Hi, I just wanted to inform people using PayPal, that there is no such thing as PayPal safety what so ever. I have purchase a pair of jeans on line and paid by PayPal. Supplier not only didn’t send me my order but tried to charge me twice for the same thing.
When I made a complain to PayPal customer service, I was told that the seller claims that I have purchased virtual product and I was told by PayPal customer service that they can’t do anything for me.
I have sent them proof emails that the seller were suppose to send a pair of jeans to me and there was no virtual item but it seemed that PayPal don’t even care about this fact.
SO WHAT I AM TRYING TO LET PEOPLE KNOW IS THAT PAYPAL SECURITY IS BOGUS AND BUNCH OF B.S. Don’t use PayPal because once you paid you will not get your money back ever even if you did not get your order.

Submitted By:: P. Mohamadi

Location-: Detroit, MI

3 thoughts on “Paypal security is a joke
  1. bio on

    Put in a claim with paypal because the only thing paypal will consider as proof is a tracking number. It clearly appears that this seller did not ship or have a tracking number so this should be an easy win for you. Don’t give up on your money.

  2. my_favourite_star on

    I believe it, they are bogus. It’s a matter of trying to fool the millions of users into a sense of security by saying there is buyer/seller protection. They can suck it. I am in debt to paypal to the tune of $1,572.52, my account is frozen and I had to close all bank/credit cards linked to paypal. They say if I pay the balance I can process again but I wont be falling for that line anytime soon…

  3. Mac_User_4eva on

    I agree with Bio, dont give up on trying to get the money you deserve. Paypal has become a despicable empire of greed and slime.

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