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: Tuesday, September 18, 2012, 11:18

Paypal screwed me

I have had an Ebay account since 1999. Mostly to purchase. I put a machine for auction that was my Dad’s. It sold for $850. I thought great he could use the extra cash. Then find out the payment it held for 21 + days. Well it was a large item and it was a pick up in person only. The money was there and the winning bidder wanted to come by that day. So I let him. Now the fun begins. The next day he calls and informs me that the IRS has frozen his funds and the payment may not go through. This is when I find out the payment is in limbo until they release it. I called them and the Paypal rep has no clue how to deal with the fact the item was picked up. It seems the system they created doesn’t have a shipping label in place for this. So in short I gave my Dad the $850. I noticed that Paypal already took $25. for the transaction and I’m growing a beard here waiting to see how this works out. My requests for someone to contact me have been ignored. Thanks Paypal. After this is over I am closing the account. If I sell anything else on Ebay it will be Money orders only. The way it used to be.

Submitted By:: Christopher D

Location-: Queens, NY

One thought on “Paypal screwed me
  1. Nick on

    As long as the buyer doesn’t dispute the buy you should get your money, his paypal account will just be left with a negative balance. But it is risky business selling items to be picked up using paypal and over 90% of them turn out to be fraud, without a tracking number the buyer can just dispute they never got the item and they get their money back. Anything you sell n person accept cash only.

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