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: Friday, June 15, 2012, 10:27

PayPal screwed me twice. Never again!

1st. They refunded a watch to customer on day 179 after the transaction took place. 1 day short of his American Express expiration for returns. Of course the watch was broken upon return (worked fine when delivered) and the fact that it had been used for almost 6 months. Paypal said they could not fight a giant like American Express. (If this is the case I think they should stop advertising their, and I quote PayPal’s website; “excellent chargeback protection”) So they took $800+ out of my checking account. This just about killed me financially. I don’t sell a lot of stuff online. Just here and there. Then years later… My girlfriend and I set up another ebay/paypal act. Out of the blue they just shut it down one day. Citing they felt “there was illegal activity going on.” Our Ebay account had 100% perfect feedback and we had not had any disputes or any other problems with the PayPal account. Not even a refund! Don’t they have bigger things to fight then us selling garage sale stuff on eBay? Not sure when that became an illegal activity.

Submitted By:: Chris D

Location-: Fairmont

One thought on “PayPal screwed me twice. Never again!
  1. iksu on

    that is the thing with paypal. they cant be trusted. it is impossible to predict how they will handle any given situation. as a seller using paypal it is risky business since paypal tends to always site with the buyer in case of a dispute. Paypal claims to have both sellers and buyers interest in mind bit I feel like the only one they truly support are the scammers.

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