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: Wednesday, March 9, 2011, 9:15

PayPal says they cannot verify my credit card

I was asked to verify my credit card by PayPal so I allowed them to take a $1.95 charge on the card. I received my credit card statement and the charge was their along with there 4 digit code.

So I went to the website to see how to get the money refunded now that I verified the card, and there was no way to do this on the site. I tried to email but their email section just went on saying “Loading” and no contection so I phoned.

Firstly, the automatic answering system did not recognize the 5 digit code produced by PayPal and did not recognize my email which was also on the PayPal screen. Finally I spoke to a person who finally told me that my bank or the card issuer would not let them authorize the card. I said that seems strange as you just used the card and I have been using it with you regularly.

Once again I was told I had to contact my bank or card issuer and tell them to let PayPal authorize my card. At that point I said there was something very strange with this and I was not happy with whatever they were doing. I asked that they return the $1.95 but they said they could not as my card had not been “verified.”

Seems crooked to me.

Submitted By:: SC

Location: Canada


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