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: Tuesday, May 21, 2013, 12:53

Paypal said they would lift limitations, instead they closed my account.

I have been selling on eBay for a few years now and have been making regular sales and obviously using Paypal as a means to receive money as there isn’t much other choice of course! (No PayPal…no eBay sales for us in the UK) I sold a couple of items (I wish I hadn’t now) to some international buyers. Unfortunately they did not arrive with the buyers, these buyers however decided to just open a PayPal dispute straight away without even getting in touch with me. This was when the problems started. I looked at the disputes realized what was happening and did manage to reclaim the money from the Couriers (shipping companies) to which I then decided to give a refund to my buyers from my Paypal balance of £690.00 but the day after I made the refunds my PayPal account had been frozen and PayPal was asking me for more documents i.e. Invoices for the items that I was selling. I called Paypal to tell them that the items I sold on ebay was personal items and that I did not buy anything from wholesalers or neither was I acting as a business, I merely sold my personal items of which I had bough second hand over the past years.

So the lady I was speaking to said ”Ok I can understand that I will get in touch with the accounts department to see if I can get your account reinstated” I said ”yes that would be great” I then waited on the phone for a few minutes the woman then said ”I have spoken with the Accounts department and they have said they will email you within 24 hours to tell you the account is unfrozen” At this point I went to bed in good knowledge that I had solved the issue and could the next day commence with my sales on eBay. I checked my email the next day only to find an email from Paypal stating that unfortunately due to account security issues they had decided to close my account and any funds in the account would be frozen for 180 day!! This I could not believe! I called them again and demanded to know why they had closed my account?

I was told that they could not tell me the reason only that it was due to security reasons?? The only issues that I could see was that I had a couple of refunds going back to buyers that was too impatient and decided to open a dispute first rather than messaging me and asking where they’re items was (I could have then solved any issues) But as it stands now I have £690.00 stuck in PayPal and seemingly I can’t touch it for another 6 months! (Ridiculous) And I can no longer sell on eBay! My question is, what has happened to PayPal to become so crap and they think they can hold people’s money for 6 months whilst they grab interest (basically syphon everybody’s wallets / bank accounts) Please I would love an answer to this whole mess and why hasn’t PayPal been taken to court over all this because it is totally wrong as there are so many people in the same boat!

Submitted By:: Mary

Location-: Chesham

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