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: Monday, April 22, 2013, 14:35

Paypal said “Pay and we’ll unlimit your account” but they didn’t

Well a couple months back some guy charged back $285 claiming his account got “hacked” and they bought my product with his PayPal. I fought, and fought. No help. I was in a negative balance of $33 and a perm limited account. I called to a PayPal supervisor and he said this exactly “if you pay back your negative balance of $33 I will unlimited your account” I then proceed to pay the fee on the phone with him. Once I paid it with my credit card he said “now you have a balance of $0.” I said good, so unlimited my account. His response was “No. It is permanent limited.” I then flipped shit on the phone. PayPal refused to look up the IP history of the person claiming the stolen account and he got his account back safe and sound. I call PayPal about every other day complaining about this shit.

Submitted By:: Dennis

Location-: wv


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