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: Tuesday, August 13, 2013, 12:52

Paypal Robbed me

I sold a car on Ebay nearly 2 months ago. The guy that bought the car paid with a $1500 deposit on PayPal. 10 days ago he did a chargeback on that amount and paypal awarded him the money.

I sold the car AS IS and sent paypal the AS IS Bill Of Sale.

They have done NOTHING! Meanwhile the new owner of my car has it nearly 3 months and gotten away with buying it for MUCH less than I ever would have sold it for.

I have spent hours on the phone with paypal and they told me that it would take 75-80 days for them to make a decision!

We are talking about a car! I went to the police and even hired a lawyer…how should I proceed??? Anybody have this happen to them?

Submitted By:: A.M.

Location-: South Carolina

3 thoughts on “Paypal Robbed me
  1. POLO on

    If they are going to be a ass about it.. I would report the car stolen then. Se how fast actions will be fixed then.

  2. Andrew Angell on

    PayPal is not the problem here. You accepted a credit card payment (through PayPal apparently) for your sale. When you do this, whether it’s with PayPal, Intuit, AuthNet, OptimalPayments, PayLeap, Group ISO, or any of the other numerous merchant account providers out there, and then the buyer decides to dispute the transaction with their credit card company, that card issuing bank is the one that gives them their money back…not PayPal. The card issuing bank refunds the money to the purchaser and since it went through PayPal they take that money from PayPal. As such, PayPal then has to take it back from you to cover that refund. They can’t (and won’t) eat that loss, and neither does ANY other merchant provider. If you want to avoid chargebacks you can’t take credit cards. It’s as simple as that. You need to decide for yourself depending on the item(s) you’re selling whether or not it makes sense for you to accept a credit card, and you have to factor in your own risk assessment. That’s how business works.

  3. Mark on

    Little bit of light at the end of the tunnel, I recently had a similar thing happen to me through PayPal. I took part of the payment for a motorcycle as I was moving from the UK to Spain. On the exact day of my move back in early April, the buyer issued a chargeback and the money was taken from my account. Several angry phone calls and e-mails ensued, with the buyer insisting it was his credit card company and something about his account being hacked, and that he’d filed papers with PayPal to cancel the chargeback, with PayPal denying this stating that his credit card company were still pursuing the chargeback. I sent PayPal copies of the bike delivery report, emails with the buyer, etc, but still had no sign of the money. The buyer stopped responding in May, so I reported the bike as stolen and resigned myself to the fact that I’d lost the money.

    And then all of a sudden, a few weeks ago, I got an e-mail from PayPal stating that the chargeback case had been awarded in my favour after all .. and I actually got the money back!

    My advice is don’t panic, give PayPal everything you’ve got related to the sale, including all e-mails, etc, and wait it out. Don’t try to call them again as I also found that was just a massive waste of time, and I often got conflicting information. Hopefully you’ll get your money back. I think it’s incredibly bad that it takes so long to sort something like this out though, and I certainly won’t be using PayPal again.

    – M

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