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admin : Tuesday, October 21, 2014, 11:39

PayPal ripped me off and there’s nothing I can do to get justice

Several customers from abroad has purchased my items, so I sent it via USPS international first class with the tracking number. The shipments to Canada were received with no problems, but several customers from Brazil did not received their items on time due to the backlog on their customs and started the cases against me. Though I had the tracking number, PayPal / Ebay told me that that was only the proof of shipment and not the prove of delivery, so they refunded all the customers and I never received my items back.

After that they permanently restricted both my Ebay and my PayPal accounts and froze the $5000 that was on it. I was selling a lot and got only positive ratings on Ebay, even got to be their top-ranking seller, they said that I had to many cases opened against me.

About 2 months later one of the customers from Brazil informed me that he has received my item and would like to pay for it, since he already got his money back. I have checked the other tracking numbers and they all show that all the items are delivered. I called PayPal and tried to explain the situation and they replied that there’s no way for me to get paid through PayPal since my account is permanently suspended and I would have to ask them to pay with Western Union or MoneyGram.

Needless to say none of the customers decided to pay me back for the items they received, the items that were shipped the same day they were ordered. So PayPal made me responsible for the backlog on the Brazilian customs and my clients took advantage of it. PayPal ripped me off and there’s nothing I can do to get justice.


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