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admin : Monday, March 31, 2014, 14:25

PayPal over ride my credit card purchases

Every time I find something I really want to purchase, most of the time no other option (credit Card) is available because I once upon a time I created an account with paypal. When I find something that I want to purchase that does allow the CC option I put my CC info and go to complete what should be a VERY simple purchase because once again I am dealing with PAYPAL. this time with a cookies issue. I go out of my way to turn on and or prompt settings, restart the whole process including the browse and continue to the prompt and unable to complete the purchase. I cant tell you how much Ebay has lost from me personally I have to imagine it has cost them ALOT of money having PAYPAL have this strangle hold on its check out system in what is obviously a failed attempt to funnel people into this particular pay system which is a bit to invasive in its sign up requirements..


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