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: Monday, November 15, 2010, 14:40

PayPal Reward Points

What Reward Points PayPal gives PayPal takes away. Don’t ever try to build up points to buy a large item or you’ll find that PayPal will just take them away from you. The loss of points only shows on your PayPal statements if you add the previous points to the new points earned- they don’t add up to the total.

Does PayPal tell you that points are being lost?- Of course not. If you call PayPal customer service and ask what points will be lost on your next statement, they can’t tell you as “their records don’t go back far enough”, and you just have to wait until your points don’t add up again.

I am sure it’s somewhere in PayPal’s “fine print,” but in actual practice PayPal shows you nothing on their statements to help you.

Submitted By:: JD

Location: Los Angeles, CA USA

One thought on “PayPal Reward Points
  1. connie on

    wasted 45 minutes on phone (until I was disconnected) trying to get info on how to redeem “rewards points” for some kind of gift card. Not a happy camper!

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