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admin : Wednesday, November 20, 2013, 13:36

Paypal restricted me because ebay restricted me

First, ebay has limited my account saying that I was selling counterfeit items. They have based their claims on lack of pictures or evidences. which are not true at all. Although, several times I wrote them to explain that I was not doing so, and all my items were genuine; and I was ready to send them other photos, they rejected my application.

After that, paypal permanently limited my account. So, I get in contact several times with paypal also. But they did not give me a clear explanation, they have a very “vague” answering text (which they also repeat by the telephone also without saying the exact reason)

Finally they told me that they have restricted me because ebay had restricted me. What is going on here! We should have other options than paypal, so they cant declare themselves the great judge of all!


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