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: Wednesday, March 9, 2011, 9:47

PayPal requiring refund to buyer who returned wrong items

In January I sold some discs from the UK to a guy in Germany. A month later, after I had closed my Paypal account, he sent discs back to me- but not the same discs that I had sent him.

I told him that I didn’t offer a refund, and that they were NOT the discs that I had sold him anyway. He apparently openned a dispute with Paypal, and without even contacting me Paypal decided to refund him his money. So now PayPal is asking me to pay them back!

Anyone any ideas as to the legal situation here?

Submitted By:: Victim of Paypal Crime

Location: Glasgow UK

One thought on “PayPal requiring refund to buyer who returned wrong items
  1. admin on

    Hello Victim.

    It sounds like the buyer knew exactly what he was doing. He sent these wrong items and then showed proof of shipment, knowing that PayPal would instantly refund him and he would still have the originals.

    Of course PayPal is going to want to recover their loss, so they turn to you for the money they prematurely refunded the buyer.

    If you cannot resolve the situation directly through PayPal, they will likely turn you over to a collection agency. Since your account is closed, PayPal will probably be less apt to bother trying to resolve anything for you. They are more interested in spending their time and efforts on accounts in good standing.

    The collection agency is probably not going to budge either, I think your best bet is to wait until it hits your credit reports and dispute with the credit bureau(s). I’m not 100% sure who they report to, but I know for a fact PayPal uses Equifax.

    Hope this helps, please update with your progress.

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