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: Monday, January 17, 2011, 0:48

PayPal requests outrageous letter for proof of dispute

I bought a 256GB USB drive (Kingston) on eBay. I paid immediately. Later eBay sent me an email telling me that this seller was reported as selling items that may not be authentic. EBay closed the seller account and removed the item list. I couldn’t access seller information nor the item information that I bought.

In eBay’s email, they gave instructions what to do next, which was to file a dispute with PayPal.  I proceeded with the dispute and filed it under “Item Not Received”. About a month later I did receive the item, tested it immediately and it turned out to be only a 4GB chip instead of the 256 that it was supposed to be.

I reported to PayPal and changed my dispute to “Item Not As Described”. After a while, I received an email from PayPal stating that they needed a letter with a “letterhead that includes the name, signature, address, and phone number of an individual, business, organization or unbiased third-party such as a dealer, appraiser that is qualified to determine that the item is not as described”.

I stopped breathing for a minute and tried to think where can I get this complicated letter done. And it has to be done by 9 days! Its almost like PayPal just doesn’t want to refund, and came up with this complicated letter idea to make me go away. I tried to explain that I can’t do this in such a short period of time as I am a very busy person, and I don’t know of anyone who would give me a letter of this kind along with proof of their identity when I didn’t even buy the item from them.

I even offered to send the item to PayPal as proof, but of course they didn’t want it. I attached the email eBay sent to me, they didn’t care about the email. They reiterated that they care only about this letter that I am supposed to somehow come up with in 9 days.

I asked for the sellers information as the person is my direct litigant, and PayPal will not release the information to me. I wanted to take a legal action by myself,  but PayPal is protecting this rogue seller instead of me, as the buyer whom he ripped off.

I have now closed my PayPal and eBay account. Thank you for PayPal Complaints, now we all can let the world know and be aware of these companies eBay and PayPal. Because of the PayPal Complaints web site, now I know that I still have another chance working with my credit card company and get my money back.

Be careful, a lot of fake things are sold on eBay everyday. There is no way for you to know before you buy. And after you buy, you will never get your money back even they know it is fake. Forget about the protection programs they tout in order to tempt you to sign up with them. They get their fees and their commissions.

Submitted By:: D

Location: Sydney/Australia

2 thoughts on “PayPal requests outrageous letter for proof of dispute
  1. Alex on

    I had a kind-of similar issue. I was sold a fake Marc Jacobs handbag on eBay. I had heard that PayPal required a letter from an authenticator if you were claiming a bag was fake, but I emailed them to ask if there was an alternative, since there are no Marc Jacobs stores in Australia (where I live).

    On the basis of that email – which was simply asking “if I made a complaint, what evidence would PayPal accept?” – PayPal opened a dispute on my behalf and demanded I provide proof of my claim within four days. The only proof they’d accept was a letter from a Marc Jacobs representative, or a letter from a professional authenticator. If I failed to provide such proof, they’d cancel my claim. Once it’s cancelled, you can’t re-open it.

    I called PayPal and had a go at them, but the refused to budge. The girl even had the gall to say “well in answer to your question, I guess now you know that we do require a letter of authenticity”.

    So I had to pay $50 for a professional letter of authentication. Three weeks later, PayPal is still “reviewing my dispute”, and I am out of pocket by $50 on top of the $400 I paid for the fake bag.

    I hate PayPal.

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