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: Thursday, June 14, 2012, 9:51

PayPal refuses to hear me out.


I have a website where I sell software.

My software consists in indicators and robots for trading the Forex (currency exchange) market.

I’ve been using Paypal for more than a year without any problem.

Last month during the launch of my last product that was a great success,
Paypal decided to lock my account with more than $29.000 in it.

It was Sunday. So I couldn’t talk with anyone as Paypal offices are closed here in Italy during the weekend.

On Monday I called them and they told me that the reason I’ve been locked is because my business is too “risky” for them. I explained them that I sell software that’s been developed by me so nothing illegal.

Just to give you and them an idea of how “risky” I am, I had 3 refunds so far (for ALL my products) with over 1000 sales. 2 refunds happened after people saw that Paypal limited my account thinking that I was about to “run with the money”.

It took me a week to find another merchant account and restart sales. It took me so long because I hoped that seeing that they were wrong they would have unlocked my account. But nothing. They don’t care about my explainations. All my email and telephone calls were ignored.

Now if I call the call center, after they recognize my number, they hang up. I tried yesterday 10 times and my call has been closed immediately.

They told me that I’ll have to wait up to 180 days (!!!) to have my money back. Every 30 days they’ll review the situation and decide if and how much to “unlock”. But I’m sure that they holp all the money as much as they can.

I can’t tell you how many problems that gave me as I live with that money, and also I had to pay for salaries of people working with me.

One more thing… I had credit/debit cards linked to the Paypal account (I forgot to say that is a business account) and I can’t use them even if there’s money on them for paying online if the merchant is Paypal. I pay various business services online all with Paypal, and they’ve been all suspended as I can’t pay with Paypal using a credit/debit card that is registered with the locked account. When I do, Paypal recognizes the number of the credit card and tells that it can’t be used as it is linked with a locked account. The nice thing is that I can’t de-register them. The only solution is have a new one with a number that it’s not on their DB.

That is my horror story. Just at the very beginning as they locked my account on April 23rd.

Submitted By:: Andrea

Location-: Italy

2 thoughts on “PayPal refuses to hear me out.
  1. JK on

    Locked out and limited for vague reasons, money held for 180 days, horrible customer support. This is not just your horror story it is the story of most people using paypal. But people still use Paypal to reasons unknown to me. It is such a horrible company to deal with.

  2. Tina Q on

    they limit people account for the most stupided reasons!!! paypal are just scamme artist who plays with people money and have no care in the world if you are losing business or not. They are by far the worse company out their.

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