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: Thursday, May 24, 2012, 10:13

PayPal refuse to give reason for permanently limited account

Hi Paypal permanently limited my account and i called them so many times to ask for reasons why and couldnt explain to me at the end they told me you will have to submit a court case for you to know what you did that we took the decision to actually limit your account and i find that outrages because its my information that i want to and i have to go though all of this they were also telling me oh we are paypal and we could do whatever we want to at anytime based on any decisions we make at the end i wanted them to delete my account as well because i no longer their customer nor have any relations with them and refused to do so please help me

Submitted By:: M. Jafari

Location-: Detroit

3 thoughts on “PayPal refuse to give reason for permanently limited account
  1. Casey on

    Another victim of paypal. unfortuanletly there isnt much you can do but maybe join on of the class action law suits against them. They suck have horrible customer service, My account go limited lat year and in so many word they told me to go F%^k myself. I had enough of them. I closed my bank acct tied to them opened a new one and found a REAL merchant provider through this website.

  2. Dana Harris on

    Why can’t they just tell you? What are they trying to hide? PayPal limited your account because they suck. They know most people don’t have the time or resources to take them to court. The best thing you can do is cancel the bank account you had linked to your paypal account and call it quits.

  3. Robyn s on

    It baffles me that they REFUSE to give you a straight answer. It’s your account and your money. They limit your account for unknown reasons to you and then have the audacity to say they are apypal and they can what they want. Some nerve they have. We as people need to shut the company down!

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