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: Monday, August 27, 2012, 10:36

paypal refusal to honor sellers guarantee

i bought a $97 digital product with a 45 day guarantee that if for any reason you dont like it you can cancel for a full refund ….well after a month of testing this product it was obvious it was a dismal failure at best ..i emailed the vendor several reply………….so i went through the procedure to request a refund via paypal…and attempted to contact the vendor through the paypal site as per resolution process…..after 3 days no reply…..then on the 4th day…paypal contact me to tell me they have judged and my request has not been successful…..erm….what!!!……PAYPAL ARE SIDING WITH THE SCAMMERS…and offer no buyer protection, as far as i am concerned they are in breach of a written agreement….does this ring bells with anyone ?

Submitted By:: Chris

Location-: Alberta

One thought on “paypal refusal to honor sellers guarantee
  1. Fathima on

    Paypal doesn’t care what policies the seller has in place. THe only thing that matter is what paypal wants. If they were to issue you a refund they would have to refund the fees from the transaction as well which means that they would have to give back the money they made on that sale. So it is in paypal’s best interest to not issue you the refund this is how they stand to make the most money regarding this transaction. Which it’s always about with paypal; how they will benefit the most.

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