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: Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 6:44

PayPal Refunds Buyer Even With International Tracking Number

I am so annoyed & not sure what to do, I posted 2 Expensive GStar Garments to Vietnam International Signed For! The buyer claims he never received them? Pay Pal refund him because the tracking info only states arrived Vietnam for delivery & not Delivered???? I then claim from Royal mail they launch an investigation & send me a letter stating that Vietnam postal services confirm my items were delivered & the date they were delivered on! I re contact pay pal & am still refused a refund as I only have 10 days to appeal??? How can I be penalised because I have adhered to Royal Mails procedure which is allow up to 90 days for investigation!! Disgusted that I have been scammed & paypal are prepared to do nothing!

Submitted By:: Chevonne Taylor

Location-: Bognor Regis UK


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