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: Thursday, March 3, 2011, 8:18

PayPal refunds buyer for non-delivery dispute filed 5 minutes after purchase

Sold something on Ebay, a tangible item. Buyer instantly files dispute 5 minutes (!) after buying the item for non-delivery of the item! Paypal allows the dispute to go through which makes no sense. I explain to Paypal the obvious problem with the dispute. Paypal does not respond, and eventually refunds the buyer.

Paypal has non-existent customer service. I wrote them separately pointing out the absurdity of allowing disputes to be filed instantly after the purchase. The only response I received was a big fat nothing, followed by the money being reversed to the buyer.

I have been a Paypal user since the company came into being. I have been an Ebay user since long before Paypal existed. Time for an alternative. Instant payment is an illusion, and Paypal can take your money on a whim.

Submitted By: Paypal’d out

Location: USA

3 thoughts on “PayPal refunds buyer for non-delivery dispute filed 5 minutes after purchase
  1. admin on

    This complaint is likely the best example of PayPal’s absurd way of doing business since I started the PayPal Complaints website. There is no excuse for this at all, there should have never been a problem to begin with.

    The worst part is that even if you get a customer service rep on the phone who even cares (slim chance) you will still have to jump through hoops to get this resolved.

  2. terry on

    i feel your pain, happened to me too. sold an item, buyer starts complaining day after bidding ends. it was a Sunday, i could not mail item. so given her bad attitude with threats i ask if she wants a refund before i mail item. SILENCE. SILENCE. i take it she wants the item. on the day i was going to mail item, 3 days later of waiting, she files dispute and is refunded. i email her to ask if she was planning on keeping both cash and item, she sends me some crazy rude email. thank goodness item had not been mailed. PAYPAL WAS NO, NO, HELP. They suck, don’t really protect Ebay sellers. Promote fraudulent buyers instead.

  3. patricia a russell on

    non delivery of ola Jordan calender

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