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admin : Friday, May 23, 2014, 13:41

PayPal says they never received payment after confirming payment was received.

In May of 2013, I sold 2 cell phones through ebay, using PayPal. I was notified twice, via email, from Paypal that the payment was received from the buyer. The official looking email stated that I was supposed to ship the item and then enter the tracking number to receive the funds. I did this. It turns out that the payment was never received by paypal and the item is still sitting in Nigeria since June 26. I contacted Paypal and Ebay and they will not reimburse me. All they gave me was information to fill out regarding a complaint about fraud.I spent $80 to ship it there and theitem was sold for $150.00. I am out $230.00 I can not get a hold of the post office in Nigeria. I emailed them twice with no response. shipment was going to Nigeria. The phones are still there according to the United States Postal Service tracking information I am out still the money. How do I get this money back?


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