PayPal Complaints

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PayPal Phone Number

PayPal US Toll Free Number-


PayPal purposely makes it difficult to find and use their toll free number.  If you can’t find the number, you can’t call to complain. If you cannot login to your account, you are given a long distance number.  So if you are having login problems, you get to pay long distance for tech support.

How To Get Through PayPal’s Phone System

PayPal’s system will prompt you for a “secure web pin” when you call. This pin number is generated when you actually are able to login to your account, and if you are lucky enough to navigate your way to the page that has their phone number on it.

PayPal’s phone system would have you believe that this number is totally necessary if you want to get through to anyone.  The web pin does make it faster to get through to them because you get past all of the prompts for it, but even if you just ignore the prompts you will still get through to a representative.

How To Find PayPal’s Phone Number From Within Your Account

If you are able to login to your PayPal account, you can find the number by selecting the tiny “Contact Us” link at the very bottom of the page (the number may vary, depending on the type of account you have). The link will take you to a page that has nothing to do with contacting PayPal, and no contact information or toll free numbers are provided.  This is another obvious attempt to make you give up and go away.  If you look carefully you will find another tiny link on the bottom of the right hand sidebar that says “Contact Us By Phone Or Email”.  Select this link.  Once again, you will be taken to yet another page that offers more options, but no phone number (surprised?).  On this page select the “Call Us” link.

Finally, you will have the toll free number.