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: Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 15:22

paypal pd transaction that did not go thru

On monday i attempted to make a large purchase and after the paypal pay button was pushed a screen came up that said my transaction did not go thru. Could be a transmittion error. Your purchase was not made. So i left that companys web site. Logged into paypal to ck my recent transactions. Under recent transaction it said -last 7 days- zero transactions. So i logged out and went back to the company site and did the transaction a second time. I recieved a order number and it said my payment was succesful. I printed the page and then i recieved 2 emails that the payment was pd twice by paypal. I called paypal. They said i would have to contact the merchant and my bank. I contacted the merchant who refunded the first payment on tuesday. On weds i contacted paypal again because my acct was overdrafted. They said even though the merchant refunded the first payment that the computer would continue to try to pull the money not once…but twice. It doesnt matter that i called as soon as it happened, it doesnt matter that the company already refunded thier doesnt matter that thier web site said no transaction had been made when i checked the first time… they screwed up and now my business checking acct can not b used because thier user agreement says that if the first attempt is due to lack of funds they can pull again. Thats great if i havent called to cancel the transaction..thats great if the merchant hasnt returned ‘ the money…but, if thiers a complaint or the merchant returns the money..or in my case both..they have no way to cancel the second attempt to pull the money from the bank….computers have come along way but i guess paypal doesnt have fail safes for for this type of error….thiers …..

Submitted By:: jennifer

Location-: new jersey

One thought on “paypal pd transaction that did not go thru
  1. Dominc on

    Another person screwed by paypal. I don’t know why this still surprises me. I don’t see why they can’t stop the transaction from happening. As a matter of fact I’m almost positive they can. This is why I don’t ever want to use paypal again. It’s all a scam and they screw you every which way possible!

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