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admin : Friday, October 29, 2010, 12:41

PayPal Payment Reversed With No Explanation

On the 19th of September, Paypal informed me that they were holding a payment of £13.90 from one of my customers. When I asked why they were holding the payment, the representative said it was because of a query linked to my customers bank account.

When I contacted the customer, she claimed she knew nothing about it. On the 26th of October, PayPal reversed the payment back to the customer. I have asked them for an explanation as to why they reversed the payment, and also for a refund and an apology. Up to press, I have not received a reply. I emailed the customer as well, who was not able to  shed any light on the matter either but said she would also contact Paypal.

It is only a small amount, but this is the second time PayPal has done this to me.  It seems wrong that they can do this without any redress.

Submitted By David Wilson From Bradford Yorkshire U.K.


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