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admin : Tuesday, November 11, 2014, 14:00

Paypal payment on eBay.

I have a paypal account. I use it to purchase items from eBay quite often. Yesterday I commuted to buying a laptop. I am unable to purchase this item. I click sign into paypal account and it tells me, unable to complete this transaction at this time. I use paypal because it is meant to be reliable. It just tells me to check my settings on paypal which I have done, and to try on the actual eBay site rather than a app which I have done. Now I have a seller I am unable to buy from and I am starting to realize I would have been better off just paying with my credit card instead of involving paypal.

One thought on “Paypal payment on eBay.
  1. demczukeugene on

    you created problem with my account I cannot linc with my banc beucose of you i don’t t0 want to use service with you

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