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admin : Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 14:09

Paypal took payment from both bank account and credit card

Well, paypal finally put my bank in overdraft. They force you to use your bank account as your primary payment method. They said I clicked the wrong button, when I went to pay on t heir website…which I disputed.

My bank charged me almost 50 bucks for an overdraft.
After calling paypal, (they of course refused to pay the overdraft, and so did the bank) they (paypal) told me that I still owe the money to them and asked me how to pay. I told them okay, go ahead now and take it from my credit card as it was supposed to be. I specifically called them for them to do it..just in case I hit t he wrong form of payment on the paypal site again (as they claimed i did the first time)

The money came off my credit card just fine. But after checking my bank, the numbskulls also took the same payment back out of bank again!
This was a large 1000 dollar again this threw my bank into overdraft a second time.

Anyway, bottom line I am done with them. they friggin suck and should be paying these overdraft fees because they force you to use your bank acct as your main payment method in the first place. To many paypal users are getting overdrafts because of paypals shitty policies.

3 thoughts on “Paypal took payment from both bank account and credit card
  1. Dawn Marshall on

    Refund from Oct, 2015. Dispute closed without asking for further info. Received postage refund from Telus but Paypal not prepared to use same info for refund of items. Rang to complain and was told the would look into it. Heard nothing for another 2 weeks. Very poor customer service

  2. Hagmann Otto on

    Do you know there is a WRONG PaPal. Very dangerous.

  3. John on

    I have had a PayPal account 9 years with my address, email and phone numbers. They allowed someone to open a fraudulent account then send stuff to a address not on file. When I asked they could not link any PayPal information they use to pay sellers I have bought from. They are so full of crap I can’t believe they let account be 14 months delinquent. All I can say i will not use PayPal again. I am closing out my account and reporting them to BBB. They need to be shutdown
    .it appears they are not very secure as they say. My son told me someone tried to buy a 35,000 dollar car on his friends credit. So watch out. They did not offer credit protection for their screwup. Any lawsuits I’d love to help take PayPal down.

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