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: Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 9:22

Paypal over drafted my Bank account

I had fraudulent charges on my account after purchasing a product from Canada. Paypal is not as secure as they promise. Paypal froze my account, and over drafted my bank account.
I fought with them for months to the point that I had to shut down my bank account, and pay several thousands in fees etc for something I didn’t do or was at no fault of. Eventually my bank agreed it was unauthorized and refunded that money, but I lost over a thousand dollars that were sitting in my paypal account.
Paypal absolutely needs to be regulated. No other company or organisation can get away with doing what Paypal does. They are criminals worse than the Mob.

Submitted By:: Matthew Grobin

Location-: Arkansas

3 thoughts on “Paypal over drafted my Bank account
  1. Katybug101 on

    They are pretty bad! As a rule of thumb I always keep a few bank accounts open, I’m lucky because my dad told me to do that before going into business for myself, since I have low volume I figured I can stick to one bank account but after hearing all these horror stories I’m glad I have three. I used paypal once or twice and it was sort of trouble free but I decided to be cautious and open a merchant account for my transactions instead. It works right on ebay and I dont have to lose sleep at night wondering if I’ll get my money.

  2. Ken T on

    Yeah they claim they are the safest, fastest, easiest way to pay…my ass! Maybe for them since they are the crooks taking the money safe, fast and easy from everyone using them. They have their own rules and they seem to make up a rule for every situation that proves profitable to THEM! Don’t know how they get away with it but they do and that sucks ass big time!

  3. BernieButt on

    Gosh, I’m glad you finally got your bank to side with you. It is unsettling that you had to spend time (which is money) trying to rectify the situation. Paypal is a fraud.

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