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: Monday, January 7, 2013, 13:10

PayPal, nothing but bad memories

Long story that I rather not dwell upon long enough to write about in detail. Brings back a lot of bad memories. Basically involved the sale of four musical instruments totalling around $17,000.00 [very top end.] Successfully withdrew $1000.00 to bank account [shipping, insurance,etc.] Paypal froze the $16,000.00 and wouldnt allow me to access my funds. I had all tracking numbers & insured mail reciepts but they requested original proof of purchase reciepts for said instruments. Its long and drawn out but in the end I was out the instruments, all funds aside from the $1000.00 withdrawn,..just a nightmare. Four years I swore by and recommended this company until this happened.

Submitted By:: Willie

Location-: Portland OR


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