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: Monday, May 14, 2012, 4:49

Paypal not transferring fund to my account

I sold an item on web and the buyer transferred money through Paypal.After complete verification of the shipment of the product and other details Paypal is still holding my money.I have been mailing them for 15 days and they are just making the excuses of other day.Sometimes their server goes down and sometimes they are keeping the fund under processing .They had given me specific day and time on which fund would be reflected in my account but everything gone in vain.and they are not even responding back i time. I am facing excuses only.This is my first and last experience with Paypal.Very poor and worst service.

Submitted By:: Samir Azad

Location-: India

One thought on “Paypal not transferring fund to my account
  1. Amir on

    I have contacted Paypal on many occassions and spoken with numerous supervisors about my dispute which has been going on for months. I keep getting excuses and run-arounds. BOTTOM LINE THEY NEVER GAVE ME A REFUND AND I NEVER GOT THE ACTUALL PRODUCT I ORDERED BACK EITHER FROM SELLER. I AM GIVING THEM VERY UNSATISFACTORY MARKS !!

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