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: Thursday, November 1, 2012, 10:09

PayPal – Night of the living Dead

Granted there are unfocused people on eBay who panic and open a claim before they try to resolve a problem – regardless of the sellers intent to resolve the problem with a refund. Disregarding 600 + Positive FB transactions, a perfect history over 9 years, PayPal assumes you are the bad guy and freezes your money until you refund the idiot his money – which is what you were in the process of doing in the first place. This is like the night of the living dead, screeching as they frantically point at you. Enough already, I’m ready to move on away from these dead beats. No more eBay, No more PayPal.

Submitted By:: Michael

Location-: Indiana

One thought on “PayPal – Night of the living Dead
  1. Mr Fox on

    Too bad Hurricane Sandy didn’t have a direct hit on paypal instead of millions of innocent people. Paypal deserves to suffer for how they treat us, their users, their bread and butter, their money makers. I have never been so misstreated in my life. I am an honest hard working person that needed to make a few extra dollars to give my family the life they deserve. Will paypal is holding all of that money for 6 months, mu daughter had to miss out on home coming and a class trip and my wife had a gift-less birthday. We do what we can to get by but paypal has done their best to stop us. It’s like they get off on taking peoples money.

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