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admin : Friday, January 24, 2014, 13:21

Paypal nee to be brought down

How anyone can work for this company with pride I do not know. I’d find it hard to be civil and not pin one of these dicks up against a wall – it’s what you’d do to anyone else trying to rob you.

So they open a disputed amount case and place my account on hold. It’s clear why they and Ebay do that to me now.

If you don’t put a postal tracking number on your Ebay account – this happens frequently. That’s because the thieves at Ebay haven’t had a chance to claim a royalty on postage. Quite what they do to earn that is a mystery to me!

There is an incestuous and unhealthy relationship between the two entities. Buyers can’t see it so much as sellers and there is not the least sense that I have that I am treated as a revenue earning CUSTOMER!

The sooner this bunch go to the wall the better – the good news is that they are a big target now. There are already other companies snapping at their heels and I for one will continue to do anything I can to promote them against Ebay/Payfail. There are many.

Vote with your feet people and put these twerps back in the poor house where they belong.

One thought on “Paypal nee to be brought down
  1. John on

    “Paypal takes from the poor and gives to the rich” and for there customer service can’t speak english…I put in a request for a refund and there customer service a person that doesn’t speak good english told me not to worry as you will have your $300 back in your account in two weeks bullshit no money and then I called back they tell me its to late to get a refund so you are right they are a scam

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