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admin : Friday, May 22, 2015, 12:00

PayPal took my money and are refusing to give it back

$30 was sent from my account to someone I don’t know.

I opened a “unauthorized transaction” case with PayPal.
They immediately closed it.
I asked why.
I got no reply.
I sent many more emails over the next week.
Still no reply.
A few days later I tried to open a “I haven’t received my goods” case.
The system told me that because I had already opened a case (which PayPal immediately closed) I couldn’t.
I send more emails.
Eventually I was told that they wouldn’t recover my money because there was no evidence of the unauthorised transaction.
So apparently the facts that

  • 1) I didn’t send the money
  • 2) I don’t know the person it went to
  • 3) The person I sent it to doesn’t know me

do not count as evidence.

I asked the person who the money was sent to for a refund but they said that PayPal have already taken the money.

So, this means that PayPal have skimmed off the $30 and won’t return it.

What a bunch of thieving low-life scumbags.

4 thoughts on “PayPal took my money and are refusing to give it back
  1. Carol on

    I sent $200.00 to my grandson’s phone. He received a text message from Paypal saying it was in his account. The next day, it was “gone” accepted by the email of someone with an Hispanic name. I was told that because I used my computer at work, they couldn’t verify fraud. I am going to my bank to file a complaint. DONT” USE PAYPAL!!

  2. david whiteley on

    I have just purchased a marine winscreen wiper priced at£49.99 I used my promotion code ctwenty and it took £10 off when I paid I paid £49.99 yuck not happy should be£39.99 thanks d whiteley

  3. david whiteley on

    I just purchest a marine winscreen wiper priced £49.99 I have a promotional code of 20% ctwenty and went on screen £39.99 to pay but when I paid I paid £49.99 not happy d whiteley a good custermer

  4. Dennis P Byrne on

    Ref to Receipt 1966-6296-9795-1310 regarding a donation to the Mother Emanuel Church,Charleston,SC the scene of the horrific murder of nine(9) I explained the computer gglitch which allowed for two*2) donations of $100.00 which were made on June 18,2015 but were not scheduled for withdrawal until June 19,2015. I followed all the iinstructions notifying Pay Pal and the AME Church an embarrassment . Now instead of $100 a $200 total was donated and Pay Pal was less than cooperative as well as Optimum Cablevision

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