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admin : Friday, September 20, 2013, 12:43

Paypal took my money because buyer didn’t want to pay customs fee

I shipped an antique ( need to sell some of our possessions to in a period of financial transition) to a buyer in China via International Priority Mail on July 29. I insured it for full purchase price. Tracking showed it arrived in Beijing Postal Processing Center 8/4 then nothing for 2 weeks.

I contacted buyer to ask if he received it. He claims not then next I know, eBay freezes my PayPal account. I’m livid. Spoke with supervisor at resolutions at eBay 2 X. Sent 3 e-mails to buyer and contacted PayPal . No use. The supervisor suggests that the buyer might not want to pay the hefty customs fee so decided to make a claim for refund and let the parcel sit for 2 weeks.. He might be committing fraud and they enable him and steal from my account.


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