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admin : Tuesday, July 1, 2014, 13:43

Paypal just took money from my account for no reason

I myself am I huge gamer so to make my life easier I tried to make a paypal account, purchasing only with my debit card, and since I am only in college and work on weekends, I have only a small amount in my bank account. So when I came to do purchases the first few actually worked and then I began to receive the error message “authorization failure” thinking this was what was supposed to happen I transferred 100 dollars into my Paypal balance just to try it out. So today when I went to look at my account balance I saw that not only had paypal charged me for my games I bought (Which is normal) They had charged me 140 dollars?! Putting my account in debt due to my low amount in my account currently. Paypal, why?


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