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admin : Friday, May 30, 2014, 12:39

Paypal made a mistake and shut down my account, for good!

Paypal reckons that my bank and/or I requested 24 payment reversals recently. Confirmation from my bank confirmed we didn’t do this, but that didn’t stop Paypal from emailing all my vendors requesting a payment reversal.

When I proved this with a bank statement, PayPal just limited my account and the lovely man tonight told me I would never have a Paypal account again, EVER! And he was really rude about it!

I feel bad for all my vendors because all my purchases were legitimate and paid for already and now they have to deal with this crap. Its been horrible. And rather then accepting the fact that Paypal made a mistake they limited my account and banned me for good. I find the treatment shocking and can’t see paypal remain in business for long if this is how they treat their users. Now a days we have options and paypal isn’t one that I would recommend to anyone.


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