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: Wednesday, August 17, 2011, 20:29

Paypal makes buyer responsible for return shipping costs on defective items

I purchased a piece of electronic equipment from a merchant who used Paypal. The unit was defective and I requested a refund. Paypal sat on the case for a month before informing me that I should return the item and that I was responsible for return shipping costs.

Since I live in the US and the seller is in Hong Kong, it is not even worth my while putting the unit in a box since shipping it back would be more than the item is worth.

I am amazed that I am responsible for returning a defective item. Even if Paypal says this is not their policy but the sellers, Paypal should not do business with any merchant who requires that the seller should cover the cost of return shipping on a piece of defective merchandise. This would not be a problem with Amazon or Google.

Paypal is washing their hands of this whole deal, yet they are perfectly happy with my funds sitting in their account earning interest for them. They are not making another cent from me.

Submitted By:: NMK

Location: USA


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