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: Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 11:02

No more Paypal or ebay for me

I had an account with paypal for about 3 months and was a buyer for the 1st two months with no problems. Then I registered as a ebay seller and completed 2 sales that both customers left positive feedback and were VERY happy. When I went to check my paypal account for fund availability and a screen came up saying account limited. It said there was customer service issues and there was no appeal to the limitation. NO there has not been any issues at ALL! I had two sales with two happy buyers that left me positive feedback. I know it’s only $32.00 but I had won auctions and needed to pay for them and as a result got negative feedback on ebay and that account was shut down. I can’t stand being accused of wrongdoing when I did NOTHING wrong. My e-mails to Paypal and ebay has gone unanswered and phone calls are nothing but a waste of time.

Submitted By:: Clyde Hammer

Location-: Corner GA

2 thoughts on “No more Paypal or ebay for me
  1. Rascal on

    Thank your lucky stars that it happened so soon rather then 2 years down the road and with alot more money in your paypal account. You won’t be hearing from paypal and they prob. hold your money for 180 days. It doesn’t matter that you did nothing wrong. The best thing you can do if you want to sell on ebay is to do so with a merchant account. THere are too many known problems with paypal and the offer very little protection for sellers

  2. Kevin on

    Paypal is not going to helping sellers, only the buyers that commit fraud. All PayPal says is I’m sorry, it’s not our fault.

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