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: Monday, July 23, 2012, 10:25

PayPal limited my account because of guy my sister dated 12 years ago

I opened a paypal account about two weeks ago to pay for local auctions. not ebay auctions. well after paying for every auction, that i had won, on time..I get a notice that i was limites two days ago due to affiliation with an acct that money was owed on..found that odd this was my first pay pal account. after calling numerous times because they are threatening to charge my bank account the negative funds associated with this so called other affiliated account..turns out that i did know the person who had that account…he was one of my sisters ex boyfriends that from over ten years ago..we never did business together. We were not even friends. well apparently because he lived with my sister in my mothers old house and i had that same address associated with my name over 12 years ago..that was suspicious and paypal wants me to pay. well the fact that paypal can shut me down for address from over 12 years ago and the fact that they dont care that I never did anything wrong, makes realize how much they need to be taken down. when I asked them was there anything I did wrong other than having a sister make a bad choice in dating a guy..there was nothing. I pity the poor souls that continue to use them. I threatened litigation and will follow thru if they touch my account because i lived at an address on east coast over a decade ago.

Submitted By:: Tina

Location-: AZ

2 thoughts on “PayPal limited my account because of guy my sister dated 12 years ago
  1. Michela on

    I do not understand how they can connect you guys from an address. Especially for an account over 10 year old. This company needs to be shut down and thrown out for all the outrages crap they out people through

  2. Walt on

    leave it to paypal to come up with something stupid like that. So what this really means ins that you can not move if you have a paypal account you wish to use. Because you may move to an address of a paypal user used to live on and if this is the case paypal will link the two accounts together and limit your account. Nothing good ever comes out of using paypal.

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