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admin : Saturday, January 30, 2010, 3:55

PayPal Limited Account Because Of Previous Account

I had an eBay and PayPal account from 2000 until I closed both in November of 2006. I opened a new PayPal business account which encountered no problems until today, when I received an email that my account had been limited to the point that I couldn’t receive funds from sales on my website or eBay. This limitation was due to the fact that 5 months after I closed my previous account PayPal started trying to withdraw funds by electronic check from a bank account that I closed the 2nd of January 2007.

When I tried to find out what was wrong with the supposedly closed account (received an email from PayPal saying the account had been closed) and found it to be locked. I then called the number provided by PayPal to get it unlocked and was informed that until I pay the almost $900 that had been charged to the old PayPal account it would remain suspended. They wouldn’t give me any other information about who the payments were made to or what they were for.

I was also informed that that account wasn’t closed but that one that had been setup using a yahoo email account that was used as a backup email for ebay and PayPal was closed, not the main account. When I asked why they would close an account that did not exist  (it didn’t even have an address that I have ever lived at) they couldn’t answer. I also asked why they would send an email to the address of my previous account saying the account was closed if the closed account had a yahoo email address, and they still couldn’t answer. They then refused to discuss the matter of removing the limitations or opening the account I closed until I agreed to pay them the money they say is owed.

Submitted By John Innis


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