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: Thursday, November 8, 2012, 11:44


Is it me, or does the technology associated with clearing the Paypal online security processes simply not work?

I have receiving limits on my account and due to the amount I have received into the account its telling me that I have 127 days to resolve this or else face a freeze on my account. I’ve completed all of the necessary processes, have provided all the requested information, yet the limits are still there and so are the warnings. Its also telling me that i’ve completed all of the process, yet it won’t lift the warnings. And when I call them they tell me that there are no warnings on my account I offered to send them a secren shot but they said that would not be necessary. I just don’t trust paypal anymore.

I HATE Paypal. This is not the first stupid irritating issue i’ve come up against.

Submitted By:: Seth Wester

Location-: Utah


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