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: Monday, April 29, 2013, 13:54

Paypal is too fast at closing disputes

On 3 separate sales that I did with eBay, 2 international and 1 US, buyer claimed items were not received as described and never filed with eBay but went straight to Paypal and opened a dispute. 2 of those times the cases were escalated within 24hours, before I had time to even see and respond and my account was frozen large amounts of money. The US buyer was allowed to do this and get by with it due to my no return policy and after 7 days of wearing the item, decided to return it and not follow my policy. I never received my item back nor was my Paypal funds put back. Both of the international sales were insured and buyers claimed they were damaged but refused to take them into their country’s postal service to verify damages and insurance only pays to addressee! I did have 1 of them ask for a partial refund (well he had a 100% at Paypal cuz I didn’t have the money)of 1/2 what he paid or he would leave negative feedback!(Yay!) It took 4 months but eBay had to give me Extortion decision on the guy and remove the negative feedback but that’s not Paypal or my cash back!

Submitted By:: Jessie

Location-: Omaha


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