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: Monday, December 12, 2011, 11:41

Paypal is slowing down refund

On eBay, buyer pays, I withdraw the money from PayPal as it takes days to clear, the buyer then decides they want a refund, I try to return the money from my account into Paypal and then get told my account has not been verified. I ring PayPal, am told I’ll have to wait til I receive a penny in my bank account from them then send it back. Days later, I send the penny back and then I have to wait 7 more days for the money I want to refund to ‘clear’. This is supposed to be an online ‘service’, so why does it all take so long?? I pay PayPal handsomely for their part? It’s corporate greed on another level this.

Submitted By:: Andrea B

Location-: Kent


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